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Morcillas La Ribera

Origin and tradition

The origin of Morcillas la Ribera, dates from our forefathers.

Without giving up the tradition, Moricillas la Ribera is constantly investigating in order to improve the technology used and the quality of our products.

Morcillas la Ribera has it´s installations in the heart of the Ribera del Duero. This factory was the first one of the sector on being homologated by the European Union.

Morcillas la Ribera has always focused on the join of the best raw materials, the most rigorous quality controls and the most advanced technologies. Thanks to this, the aroma and taste can be completely preserved.

Currently, our distribution in Madrid is done daily, and every 24 hours in the rest of the peninsula.

Our products are in the most of the European countries, and being supported by the cuality standards BRC, IFS and LISTA MARCO, we are present in some countries of Central America, South America and Asia.

“Morcillas La Ribera” is currently, the reference company in the sector.

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